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We are a drapery workroom, creating beautiful custom window treatments for residential customers and also to the trade. We are 100% online and we walk you through every step of the way. We offer online Econsultations, providing you with the same care as if you were local.  We design and fabricate everything from arched roman shades, cornice boards, swags, pinch pleats, valances and bedding. Every order includes detailed instructions on how to hang/dress your order and is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure it's received in tip-top shape. You can provide your own fabric or use our fabrics. To order online, reach out to us for a personalized quote to get started. To preview our labor costs, please visit our Etsy shop.

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Personal Story


Automotive Designer turns to her passion!

When Linda was a young girl she would play house with her sister Laura. She was always the one decorating and sewing whatever needed sewing to make their play area look pretty. As she got older, she'd make herself shirts and dresses with no guidance. She was also the one that would take apart walkie-talkies just to see how they worked. Because she was so mechanical, her father saw this in her…thus, guiding her in the direction of Automotive Design as a career. 


During her years as an automotive designer, Linda would fabricate her own window treatments and bedding wherever she lived. Friends and family would come over and rave about what she created and they wanted the same for their homes. It was actually her sister Laura that would encourage her to actually do this for a living, but Linda was just too busy with her automotive design living. She would say ‘maybe someday if I'm ever a ‘stay at home mom’. Well, as the years went by Linda worked with Ford Motor Company, here in the U.S. and also abroad (England and Germany). Although she liked being a ‘career’ woman the hours were grueling and after her daughter was born in 2000, she decided to leave automotive design, with possibly going back when her daughter began elementary school (age 5). It was the year 2000 that Window Treatments By Linda came to life.

Linda's first customer came shortly after she announced to her family that she will be staying home with the baby, creating window treatments while she sleeps (never as easy as it sounds). Her sister stepped up and said she already had her first customer…her neighbor. She had a huge house. One room after another she had Linda designing, fabricating and hanging her window treatments. Soon after that, the neighbors friends and family would be calling her for window treatments…. And the ball just started rolling. It was one order after another, with little advertising needed. Designers were also hearing about her and wanted to get in on the action. She had created a full blown business for five years now, with her daughter now being age 5. Remember that original plan of going back to automotive design at that age? Well, I'm sure you've heard the saying ‘when you make a life plan…and God laughs’? That quote was for her. Her girl got type 1 diabetes at age 5, which is an auto-immune disease that attacks your pancreas (that makes insulin). We won’t go into long details about it, other than to say it’s a challenging, life-long illness brought on by no fault of her own (she’s not over weight, didn’t eat sweets, etc.). This disease completely rocked Linda's world and for this reason, she chose to stay in the window treatment business and not go back into automotive design, which would have taken her attention away from keeping her daughter as healthy as possible. Linda would be able to care for her AND work from home, creating window treatments in her design studio and workroom.

Fast forward to today and everything that has happened in Linda's life now makes sense. She believes that she is truly where she is supposed to be and blessed to have a wonderful daughter that is doing well with her health and is now a happy young adult. Linda is also doing what she loves to do: creating custom window treatments!

Won't you please consider our services when shopping for custom window treatments? To see what we are currently working on, you can check us out on our Facebook page. 

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